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Further information about the clubs

Arena is a picturesque town in central Calabria in the province of Catanzaro. Six enthusiastic young people with a view to establish a club for the Arena people formed the club in 1975. In May 1976 a constitution was compiled and the Arena Community Club became incorporated. In 1980 a property was purchased as a clubhouse which is used for meetings, functions and recreation for its members and families.

The Arena Community Clubhouse is situated at 279 Portrush Road, Norwood.

In 1974, a small but passionate group of local Italian doctors, business owners and community leaders established the not-for-profit Italian Benevolent Foundation SA Inc. Their vision was to provide quality aged care services that celebrated the Italian way of life and specifically addressed the cultural, spiritual and social needs of the older Italian community.

Today, as South Australia's largest multicultural aged care provider with over forty years experience, the Foundation continues to bring to life its inspired vision of diversity, individuality and love of life through Bene Aged Care­.

Bene Aged Care offers an extensive range of lifestyle and wellness programs and concierge-style home care services, tailored to your needs, to keep you connected and enjoying an enriched life and greater independence while at home. 

With changing needs, it's reassuring to know that our residential care homes offer a nurturing and positive environment where individual requirements are met by specialist care and lifestyle programs. Our conveniently located, well-appointed and fully accredited residential care homes are a place where you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle with family and friends while receiving the quality care you deserve.

Please call us on 08 8131 2000 or send us an enquiry via the Contact Us page at

Our customer service team will be happy to provide one-on-one consultation specific to your needs to help you access the services you require.

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The Society of St Hilarion has origins back to 1955, being founded by post-war migrants from Caulonia who established a Feast Day to celebrate the culture and traditions of their homeland.  In the 1980s, in response to a recognised need in the Italian community, St Hilarion entered the aged care sector and today we operate two modern aged care facilities at Seaton and Fulham, catering mainly to persons of Italian extraction but also caring for those with a cross section of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The ultra-modern House of St Hilarion at Seaton was completed in June 2010 and is currently home to 107 residents in both high and low care, while we also operate a stylish low care facility at Fulham which caters for 56 residents.

Following a recent successful application to the Commonwealth Government, a further 36 beds will be made available in 2012 with the construction of a new wing at Seaton.

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The Lions Club of Adelaide Italian is a member of the Lions International organisation and was chartered in 1978 by a group of Italian men who felt strongly about helping the community in which they lived.

For a period of 22 years the members of the lions club have worked tirelessly in raising funds through various and sometimes innovative methods to assist worthy charities, individuals and organisations present within our community.

The club consists of 34 members who are all Italian and all of whom have pledged a willingness to make their valuable time available in raising funds for causes that they feel are important to the community of a whole.

The club has raised and distributed annually many tens of thousands of dollars.

A few of the projects that we have donated funds to are: ANFE for the purchase of their bus, the purchase of a "May Walker" for a disabled child, equipment for the Italian Village, the Fred Hollows Foundation, CANTEEN and many other projects too numerous to mention.

The revenue for these projects has been attained through activities that range from simple raffles, dances and BBQs to more elaborate undertakings such as the annual Home Made Wine Competition and Ball and the prestigious biennial Italian of the Year. There is no need to say that one of the more enjoyable activities that the club participates in to raise funds in this Carnevale. We have been involved with this even almost from its inception, firstly manning the gates and then participating by supplying the patrons of the Carnevale with our famous Italian cakes and fresh tuna steaks. The Lions Club of Adelaide Italian hopes that the Carnevale this year is as much a success for all as it has been in the past.

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